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Management & Creative Planning

Whether your business is exploring creative marketing for the first time or ready to launch and grow your own internal team, you’ll need experience to lead and guide you through each steps. As an experienced freelancer and producer, I have launched and managed creative teams, as well as planned productions from beginning to end in a way that suits a client’s goals while also creating striking visual content.

Production Services

With experience producing photo and video content on a local and international scale, I work as a primary artist on over 80% of my productions. This not only keeps me abreast of the newest technologies and platforms, but ensures the creative process never gets stale or predictable. Production sizes range from skelton crew, startup budgets to high-end commercial corporate campaigns and everything in between.

Post-Production & Delivery

Projects continue beyond the set, and ensuring your visuals are packaged, colored, and edited to your specifications requires attention to detail and the ability to source the best tools on the market. Adept at post work for photography and video, I use industry standard software to ready assets for your audience. Whether the final home for your content is on your website, social media channels, or in your next press kit, we devise the best way to deliver and promote your new materials to reach your target markets.